Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virginia Tech Strawmen

I think that people talking about “we shouldn’t arm all these young and foolish college students” are setting up a straw man argument - no one is suggesting such a thing (except for the sarcastic ones who say that colleges should issue M-16’s to all incoming freshmen).

The suggestion is that students and teachers who ALREADY HAVE concealed carry permits be allowed to carry on campus. This is a small sub-group of people that are over 21 and have taken the time, trouble, and expense to obtain both a weapon and a permit - and in most cases, training and practice to go with it.

These are the kind of people you WANT to be armed when something like this happens - and in places that are NOT ‘gun-free’ zones, they provide far more security than risk.

So, you can just spare me the visions of routine raging shoot-outs in Chem 201, O.K.?


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