Friday, October 20, 2006

Michelle Malkin Comment from Balloon Juice

After reading a comment thread on Balloon Juice where the blogger had grudgingly credited Malkin with getting some thing right, I posted this after the commentary had gone into the usual 'unsupported bashing' mode:

I guess I’m out of step – I think Malkin speaks and writes in good faith from sincerely held beliefs.
She may be wrong, in some cases perhaps tragically wrong, but she does work to support her claims and points of view, and offers evidence as she sees it.

In looking over this thread, I have not seen any support for the idea that she is personally horrible, harmful, and generally mistaken – just the unsupported assertions, mixed in with the occasional ad hominem (always a sign of classy disputation).

I did see a mention of her ‘outing’ some people’s private information – without any note that, as I understand it, this was information that had been published in a press release, as well as being posted on web sites that were more in tune with the views of the people involved.
She is well known, energetic, intelligent, and speaks to a significant audience. I think she is open to reasoned argument – it would seem more fruitful to engage her than to reflexively attack her.

People without the ability to present reasoned and supported points of view could not do this, though. After a while, even the noisiest echo chamber ends up sounding hollow and empty.

Of course, a snarky comment followed asking if I was talking about Michelle Malkin - which sort of proved my point, I think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The subtlety of a Zen koan, the grace of a haiku, the simple, clear, and elegant threads of expression that will ring down through the ages - we can only stand in awe of such a posting from the man, the legend, and the blogger.

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