Wednesday, January 12, 2005

CBS and the 'CART' Program - Current Score

I have advocated the 'CART ' program for CBS:
  • C - Confess the documents were fabricated
  • A - Apologize to all concerned
  • R - Retract the story
  • T - Terminate those involved
Now that the long awaited report is out, let's check their current score!
  • Confess the documents were fabricated
Nope - interesting, since their own exhibits prove this beyond reasonable doubt.
  • Apologize to all concerned
Not a bit of it - everything they say boils down to "we're sorry we got caught, but we could have made it real if we had more time!"

The president and the public (among many others) deserve direct apologies that acknowledge wrongdoing.
  • Retract the story
Nope - a lot of hand waving, but no clear statement that the underlying story is not true.
  • Terminate those involved
Partial score - credit for Mapes (who continues in her delusions) and those 'invited to resign' - but Rather and Heyward should have been kicked to the curb months ago.

Update: Wizbang's web edition of the report and supporting documents.


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