Saturday, May 28, 2005

Stem Cell Research - Embryonic and Otherwise

I hope that we find a way to get the (hoped for) good effects without the aspects that trouble some people of good conscience.

I think your stand on this depends on your beliefs about where life begins and how lives should be valued.

What I am not convinced of is that any of these beliefs has been proven correct - which means the argument is ultimately based on beliefs rather than on facts.

Such facts as there are get used selectively - and a lot of misstatements and conjecture get presented as fact on both sides.

I don't see a way to resolve this argument objectively.

That said, I also don't see why people who object to this research should be compelled to pay for it.

And, I am troubled by so many people's willingness to deeply offend and harshly attack others on the basis of speculation.

Many of the arguments in favor of embryonic stem cell research would seem equally applicable to human vivesection, and I don't see anyone seriously arguing for that. Yet.

Friday, May 13, 2005

What's the record?

How long can you go between posts, before someone declares 'blog death'?

I keep thinking that someday I will get active here - but I saw a picture of Glen Reynolds, and he did not look worried.


(I spell it backwards, to differentiate myself - confusion is so likely, otherwise.)